Our History

Evidence Based Health Care Research Group (EBHC) was informed and supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation return fellowship awarded to the group coordinator. Staff and post graduate students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University interested in the group's research themes were invited to join the group. The first inaugural meeting held in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nnamdi Azikiwe University on the 16th of January, 2017.

EBHC conducts research principally in the following three major areas: Systematic Reviews; Clinical Research; and Pharmacoeconomics.

Systematic Reviews

A systematic review attempts to collate all empirical evidence that fits pre-specified eligibility criteria in order to answer a specific research question. It uses explicit, systematic methods that are selected with a view to minimizing bias, thus providing more reliable findings from which conclusions can be drawn and decisions made.

The key characteristics of a systematic review are:

  1. A clearly stated set of objectives with pre-defined eligibility criteria for studies
  2. An explicit, reproducible methodology
  3. A systematic search that attempts to identify all studies that would meet the eligibility criteria
  4. An assessment of the validity of the findings of the included studies
  5. A systematic presentation, and synthesis, of the characteristics and findings of the included studies

Meta-analysis is the use of statistical methods to summarize the results of independent studies. Many systematic reviews contain meta-analyses. By combining information from all relevant studies, meta-analyses can provide more precise estimates of the effects of health care than those derived from the individual studies included within a review. They also facilitate investigations of the consistency of evidence across studies, and the exploration of differences across studies.

Clinical Research

  1. Mechanisms of human disease
  2. Therapeutic interventions
  3. Clinical trials
  4. Development of new technologies
  5. Epidemiologic and behavioral studies
  6. Outcomes research and health services research